Our core mission is to make it easier for the nonprofits to raise funds, attract volunteers, and see their respective visions come to life. As a result, we’ve designed a simple and fair fee structure which is not burdensome for the nonprofits but helps us have a predictable source to pay for the necessary costs to run this platform.

  • Join for free, no credit card required $0 upfront cost.
  • Get $200 introductory credit to pay for the fees.
  • Create Unlimited Fundraising and Volunteer Recruiting Campaigns.
  • Pay 5% of the funds raised as payment processing and platform fees (monthly donations <= $10000). For higher monthly donation amounts, please contact us.

Business Sponsors

Our fee structure is designed to be fair, equitable, and competitive (compared to Groupon for example) and is meant to create lasting business value for the participating business sponsors. We believe that with our platform you’re business can creat

  • Join for free, no credit card required $0 upfront cost.
  • Get $200 introductory credit to pay for platform fees.
  • Sponsor unlimited nonprofit campaigns by offering discount coupons.
  • Pay 10% of the net amount for the coupon based transaction, as platform fee* (monthly net amount <= $10000). For higher monthly net amounts, please contact us.

For example, if you offer discount coupons to donors/volunteers who contribute to certain nonprofit campaigns you’ve sponsored, we will calculate our platform fee as shown below, at the time the coupon was generated**.

Discount Percentage30%Customer Purchase$50
Maximum Discount$15Discount-$15
Net Amount (Without Tax)$35
Platform Fee (10% of Net Amount)$3.50

*Your business will be billed on a monthly basis for the accrued platform fees, based on the number of coupons it generated for a given month.

**All the coupons have a one year expiry period, so if a customer doesn’t redeem a coupon and you never get a sale, we will track it and refund you the platform fees for any unused coupons.


We’ve some exciting employer-specific features on our platform’s roadmap. We will love to work with you to evolve and build those features. Please get in touch if you’re interested in such a collaboration.