The Social Impact Network

SacreServ is a democratized social impact network for nonprofits, donors, volunteers, and businesses to work together for the greater good.

The SacreServ app allows nonprofits to raise funds or seek volunteers through its engaging app while rewarding donors/volunteers and supporting local businesses.

Sign up for a free profile and engage and grow your community.


For Individuals Be a hero to your community as a donor, volunteer or just a cheerleader, with the SacreServ app.

Discover nonprofit fundraising campaigns for any location

Get a window into what really matters to your community, by discovering the fundraising or volunteering campaigns in your preferred geography.

Zoom out to the state or national level or just zoom in to a city/town to stay focused.

Favorite any campaign, nonprofit, or business sponsor, to stay informed.

Use SMS, Email, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to share your favorite campaigns, nonprofits, or business sponsors with your social networks.




Discover nonprofits and sponsors for any location

Discover nonprofit organizations and registered business sponsors in any geography, ranked by their social impact.

Donate, volunteer, favorite, and share the profile of your preferred nonprofits to increase their ranking.

Get/redeem coupons, favorite, and share the profile of your preferred business sponsors, to increase their ranking. 

Support the campaigns and get rewarded with discount coupons

Make your contributions go further with the discount coupons, offered by local businesses. 

Give a win to your preferred nonprofits, and the business sponsors while getting a win for yourself. 

Access your past contributions and the reward coupons, anytime, anywhere. 

Save money with the reward coupons and support local businesses

Redeem the coupons from within the app, up to one year after the reward.

Redeem a coupon in multiple visits until you redeem its entire value.

Multiply Your Impact

Stay engaged with the nonprofits you support and see the impact of your contributions.

Save money and support the businesses that care about your community.

When you sign up and invite others, you help make the SacreServ app better for everyone. 


For Nonprofits Engage with your donors, volunteers, business sponsors and grow your community, with less effort and cost.

With a FREE profile showcase your nonprofit and amplify its message

Register your nonprofit with SacreServ for FREE. 

The app creates an engaging digital profile discoverable in your preferred geography. 

SacreServ can be a powerful platform for community/geography focused nonprofits. It can be especially useful for social and human services organizations like food banks, fire departments, libraries, shelters, schools(PTO/PTA), churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship.

Use photos and videos to tell your story and make it go viral

Tell your story with a brief introduction, pictures, and YouTube videos, narrating, and highlighting your mission and message.

Share your profile with a unique link via Social Media, websites, blogs, SMS/Text Messages, email, etc.

Invite your existing audience to join through your existing website/mailing list etc.

Make the app and its platform better for your organization and for everyone else, by growing your community.

Run engaging digital campaigns to raise funds and attract volunteers

Create campaigns, manage campaign sponsorships, and review and approve volunteering pledges, anywhere, using the mobile app.

Automatically send email and device notifications as your work with application workflows.

Organize conventional fundraising campaigns. You can also collaborate with businesses in your area to run  “Spirit Night” style campaigns digitally with its coupon-based business sponsorships. As per our research, campaigns sponsored by coupons can multiply your reach and generate much better results.

You can also organize volunteering campaigns FREE, with or without coupon-based rewards.

Expand Your Support

A FREE profile for your nonprofit,  no subscription fees, and a low 5% transaction fee for fundraising, free Volunteer campaigns.

A $200 credit, with profile activation, to raise your first $4000 for FREE. 


For Business Connect with your community at a deeper level and expand your market.

With a FREE sponsor profile, amplify your brand and its message

SacreServ app amplifies your business profile and its message in your preferred geography, ranked by your social impact, which allows your business to expand your market reach and build a positive brand message. 

Showcase your offering and your Social Impact to win new customers

Tell your story creatively with words, pictures, and YouTube videos to distinguish your brand, highlight its social impact, and win new customers.

Get your brand discovered and your story known by anyone in your preferred geography. 

Get your business ranked high in the local listing by just sponsoring the campaigns your community cares about.

Outdo your peers by sponsoring more social impact campaigns and have a healthy competition with your peers. 

Power nonprofit campaigns and your sales with coupons

Our secure digital coupons provide a unique opportunity for you to sponsor fundraising or volunteering campaigns in your preferred geography.

You can make your brand known to those community members who give away their time and money for different social causes.

As the coupons are rewarded after a confirmed contribution to a charitable campaign, they hold more value and promise better prospects for your future sales.

To encourage larger contributions, we allow a contributor to redeem a coupon in multiple visits until the coupon’s entire value is redeemed. This powerful feature will bring these contributors to shop at your store multiple times, with an increased likelihood of becoming your repeat customers.  

Amplify Your Brand

A FREE sponsor profile for your business,  no subscription fees, and a low 10% commission for each award coupon.

A $200 credit, with profile activation, for up to $2000 in coupon-based net revenue.