What is SacreServ?

SacreServ is a community building and fundraising platform for the nonprofits to raise funds by partnering with the local businesses, who can encourage contributions to the nonprofits by offering discount coupons to their products and services thus creating a virtuous cycle which benefits the nonprofits, their supporters as well as their business sponsors.

Fundraising Model

SacreServ’s fundraising model offers a clear advantage compared to conventional fundraising both in terms of engagement as well as outcomes for a given community as you can see in the illustrations below.

Consumption-driven Fundraising
Contribution Driven Fundraising

Community Building Features

In our market research and multiple conversations with different nonprofits, one of the hardest challenges they face after their inception is building a supportive community, as that is the only critical factor which determines these nonprofits’ ability to thrive and serve their communities. Grass-root outreach takes up most of the resources and efforts for many such nonprofits at an earlier stage of their existence, limiting their ability to deliver on the causes and projects they originally aim to deliver on.

SacreServ solves for these problems by a thoughtfully designed digital platform and its freely available iOS and Android apps making it almost effortless for the nonprofits, their sponsors, and supporters to join, discover each other and build supportive and thriving communities. With a fair fee-structure designed to optimize the cost and maximize the outcomes for the nonprofits and their business sponsors, this platform aims to serve as an incubator and an accelerator for the social entrepreneurs to organize and solve for the pressing challenges faced by their communities.

Seeking Pilot Customers

If your nonprofit or public school has engaged in retail fundraising in the recent past, we will love to work with you to try out our app and platform. We will offer introductory service credit to help you get started and be successful and will love to get your feedback to make this product better for you and many customers like you. Please contact us for more details.