A powerful app to grow your community

Sponsored campaigns for funds and volunteers!

As a nonprofit you rely on raising funds and seeking volunteers, to serve your community. We make it easier for you to do both by creating meaningful campaigns sponsored by your local businesses. 


Thrive with your community

As a business, you thrive when you align your objectives with those of your community. By sponsoring the nonprofit campaigns in your community through discount coupons, you will make a place in the hearts and the wallets of your customers.

Be part of something bigger

Go beyond the hypes of likes and retweets, build an impactful “social” network in your community and make it more vibrant and dynamic. 

Join for Free

Coming soon to your app store, you will be able to signup for free with SacreServ. Interested in being part of our beta testing? Just let us know and we will keep you in the loop.