A digital platform for nonprofits to build thriving communities

SacreServ provides a digital platform for nonprofits to build communities, expand their audience of donors, volunteers, and business sponsors to raise funds with optimal efforts and costs. A fundraising idea which allows your nonprofit to raise twice as many funds, reward donors and volunteers partnering with local businesses.

The Seed of Engagement

Perfect for donors and volunteers

Find out which nonprofits are active in your community and how you can help. Discover ways to make a difference and get rewarded

The Seed of Service

Transform your nonprofit

Reduce fundraising costs by engaging individuals and businesses already primed to give. Tap into a rich source of volunteers currently looking for ways to help.

The Seed of Goodwill

Broaden your market

Cater to a socially-engaged audience and enhance your community profile. These givers patronize the businesses that support their causes.

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