Virtual School Fundraising Made Easy

With so many Americans concerned about exposure to Coronavirus, schools need an easy way for parents and businesses to participate in fundraising events remotely.

SACRESERV is an app-based platform that allows schools to raise more funds by providing real-world incentives offered by the local business community (e.g. discount coupons for local restaurants or other services) to parents for their donated time or money.


How Does It Work?

Free Sign Up

Sign up for a FREE profile for your PTO/PTA and tell its story with pictures and YouTube videos and make your organization discoverable for it’s preferred geography.


Organize conventional or “Spirit Night” style fundraising campaigns. By enlisting local businesses for coupon-based sponsorships, you can broaden your audience and multiply your support.

Social Sharing

You can easily share your organization’s profile and campaigns via email, SMS, or social media and go viral. 


Secure Payments

Secure and hassle-free donations through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal make the SacreServ app an effective medium for peer-to-peer fundraising.


Powerful features to organize and manage in-person or virtual volunteering campaigns FREE of cost. You can even review and approve volunteers and validate their work. 


The app sends relevant email and device notifications to app users as needed, for continued user engagement.

No Contracts To Sign, No Recurring Charges

Your profile will always be FREE,  there is no contract to sign and no ongoing charges to remain on the platform.  For the fundraising campaigns, your nonprofit will pay 5% of the donation as the payment processing and platform usage fee. Please check our pricing page for more details.

Download Now – Risk-Free

Available for iOS and Android


A Win-Win-Win

  • ✓ Keep more money as parents pay you directly instead of the businesses

    ✓ Connect with new/existing business sponsors through the app

    ✓ Quick and easy set up saves precious volunteer time for other tasks

  • ✓ Can participate remotely in fundraisers on their own time and schedule

    ✓ Get great rewards they can use for up to a year

    ✓ Can donate with Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal with the touch of a button

  • ✓ Can connect with new organizations through the app

    ✓ Build brand awareness with every donor – including those who select no reward

    ✓ Can link coupon value to the amount contributed to the cause

You Own Your Data

Your data on our platform belongs to you, will only be used to provide relevant services and functions in support of your organization.

Download Now – Risk-Free

Available for iOS and Android


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your app secure?

We follow the best security practices in the industry. We use end-to-end encryption and numerous other measures to ensure that your private data is secure, and only you have access to it. 

When and how does a nonprofit receive the fundraising proceeds?

We wait up to 7 business days for all the donation transactions to settle after a campaign ends. We then mail the proceeds from the campaign as a check to the nonprofit’s official mailing address (the one registered with the IRS).

Can a public school directly register with SacreServ?

No, we currently only support enrolling the nonprofits already registered with the IRS. Your community will need to register a 501c nonprofit for the benefit of the school if you don’t have one already. 

Do you have a web app?

No, we currently only offer a mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android. We have plans to roll out a web app in the near future.