Virtual Back-to-School Fundraising Made Easy

As schools reopen amid the Coronavirus pandemic, your school-based parent-teacher organization’s need for a safe and secure space for virtual fundraising is more significant than ever. With SacreServ, a secure app-based platform, parents, and businesses can easily participate in virtual fundraising events. SacreServ allows your school to offer parents real-world incentives sponsored by the business community (e.g., discount coupons for local restaurants or activities) in exchange for donations. Donations can be in the form of money or volunteer hours (which the app helps manage and track).

What is SacreServ?

SacreServ is a social impact and cause-marketing network that enables school-based parent-teacher organizations to build supportive communities and run successful fundraising or volunteering campaigns.

6 Steps to Virtual Fundraising Success

Step 1: Register Your School

A representative from your PTO/PTA, sports team, club, or other school-based organization establishes an account on the SacreServ platform.

The representative will first need to create a free user account with SacreServ and link and verify a US Mobile number. After that verification, the representative can lookup the nonprofit using the Tax Id and start the registration process.

Only the nonprofit organizations already registered with the IRS qualify for the platform, and proof the registrant has permission to represent the organization is required.

Step 2: Connect With Local Businesses

Local businesses already using the platform can find your organization and campaigns through in-app location services and can apply directly to provide coupons to their establishment for your campaign.

You can also invite businesses that have agreed to support your fundraising campaign by sharing the link to your campaign.  Participating companies can offer percentage-based discounts (up to 100%) tied to the donation size (e.g., Get 5% off if you donate $10 or more, Get 10% off if you give $25 or more, etc.)

Step 3: Promote Your Fundraiser

Invite parents and community supporters to contribute to your campaign. SacreServ is fully social, allowing your organization, your parents, and your sponsors to share campaigns with their respective networks using social media, text messaging or email.

It also supports YouTube videos within a campaign or on the profiles of both school organizations and sponsors, giving you a more effective medium to convey your message to your audience.

In-app location-based services allow all local app users to see your fundraiser, whether or not they’re members of your organization; users can also “favorite” your organization and receive notifications about your new campaigns

Step 4: Build Community, Get Rewarded

When parents or other community members donate, they can select one of the associated reward coupons or choose to skip the incentive and just donate directly to the cause. Coupons are stored as QR codes within the app, similar to Groupon, and can be redeemed for up to one year.


Step 5: Recruit and Manage Volunteers

With SacreServ you can also attract, manage, and reward volunteers. Using the platform, parents can sign up for specific volunteer positions and select a reward coupon that is activated when they have completed the task and your organization signs off on the work.

Step 6: Get Paid!

SacreServ collects 5% of the donated revenue to cover processing and hosting fees. The rest is mailed by check directly to your organization a few days after your fundraiser ends.

Download Now – Risk-Free

Available for iOS and Android

A Win-Win-Win

  • ✓ Keep more money as parents pay you directly instead of the businesses

    ✓ Connect with new sponsoring businesses through the app

    ✓ Quick and easy set up saves precious volunteer time for other tasks

  • ✓ Can participate remotely in fundraisers on their own time and schedule

    ✓ Get great rewards they can use for up to a year

    ✓ Can donate with Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal with the touch of a button

  • ✓ Can connect with new organizations through the app

    ✓ Build brand awareness with every donor – including those who select no reward

    ✓ Can scale donation value to amount contributed to the cause

NO SIGN UP OR MONTHLY FEES Enrollment is free and there are no ongoing fees. Your organization only pays when you run a campaign successfully and what you pay is based entirely on what you raise - just 5% of the total!


Your organization gets a $100 fee credit upon successful registration. This covers all the processing costs for your first $2,000 worth of fundraising through the platform. PLUS, you can earn up to an additional $1,000 worth of fee credits in the first year. We add a $2 credit to your account for each new donor who signs up through the platform to contribute to one of your campaigns during the first 12 months (min donation $10).

*Up to $2,000 raised


Is your app secure?

We built our app following the same security measures and best practices, like those followed by banks and the leading retailers. We use end-to-end encryption and numerous other measures to ensure that your private data is secure and only you have access to it. 

When does a nonprofit get the fundraising proceeds?

The campaign proceeds are mailed as a check to the official mailing address of the nonprofit (the one registered with the IRS) within 7 business days of the campaign end date.

Can a public school register with your platform?

No, we currently only support registering the nonprofits already registered with the IRS. 

Does it work with?

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