Categories: Campaign, Campaign Validation

An event’s date should be in the future and at least a day after the campaign end date

Why am I seeing this?

The app is quite permissive in allowing the nonprofit organizers to add content to their future campaigns incrementally and doesn’t bother them with any validations in the Draft stage. However, when a campaign is moved to the Upcoming stage, the app needs to make sure that all the information which has been entered is accurate, hence it prompts them with all these validation messages.

What does it even mean?

This message is displayed if you are trying to move a volunteering campaign to the Upcoming stage but one or more volunteering event dates are in one of the following conditions:

  • The event date is not in the future.
  • The event date is not at least a day after the campaign end date.

This is meant to provide the community members an opportunity to sign up for any volunteering opportunities for the entire duration of the campaign. It should also give organizers, at least a day to review/approve volunteer pledges and prepare for the volunteering event.

How do I get past this message?

Each volunteering event date should be set to at least a day after the Campaign’s end date.