1. Download the app from iOS/Android app store

2. Sign up as a user, using your email.

3. Verify your user account within the app by validating the temporary password you will receive on your email and then setting your own password

4. Invoke the app menu by tapping on the user icon on the top left of the phone screen and then select Edit Profile.

5. Add a valid US mobile number to your profile; the app will text you a verification code on this number, which you can verify immediately. 

Please note that for a user registering a nonprofit, we ask for the US mobile phone number, for additional security and validation. 

6. Now, you are ready to register your nonprofit organization. Invoke the app menu again and then select the “Register an Organization” option. 

7. Enter the tax id of your nonprofit and follow through the steps to submit the registration and you should receive an email confirming that your registration has started.

8. After you submit the registration, within a few seconds you should see the name of your nonprofit appear on the app menu, as shown here.

9. Switch to the organization role, by tapping on the name of your nonprofit and the app will show this screen, allowing you to submit the documents required to verify that you legally represent this nonprofit.

12. When your profile is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Upon launching the app, you will see your nonprofit’s name in the app menu under Organizations, as an additional role that you can switch to use the app as a nonprofit organizer.