1. Log in to the app with the email/password of the account you used to register your nonprofit.  You can then switch to the Organization’s profile, as shown in the picture.

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2. Once switched to the organizer role, tap on the Organize tab, this is where you will see all of your campaigns, active, draft, completed, or abandoned. 

Tap on the light green icon with the plus sign on the bottom right of your phone screen, to start creating a campaign.
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3. Give your campaign a meaningful title, pick the start date (in the future) when you want to start recruiting volunteers (or raising funds), and the number of days you plan to run this campaign.

The app is designed to allow you to raise funds and recruit volunteers as part of the same campaign, so if you don’t intend to raise any funds, you can leave the fundraising target as $0.

Tap the Create button to create the campaign; the app will create and save the campaign in the draft mode you can further update. 

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4. Pick a meaningful cover image/YouTube video to show what this campaign is about, this is what the users will see first when they first discover your campaign.

Tap on the Details tab to enter relevant details of the campaigns.  Instead of providing long-form details, the app expects short 260 character blocks of text describing the Objective, Reasons, Approach, and Outcome of the campaign. 

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5. If your campaign is for volunteering, tap on the Volunteers tab, which will allow you to add one or more volunteering events and corresponding volunteering positions. 


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6. Volunteering events are the actual events that you are recruiting for. The recommendation is to give your community enough time to plan for such events, so ideally, you should start recruiting for volunteers at least 4-6 weeks before the actual event. 

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7. Create one or more volunteering positions for each volunteering event. When a user will be pledging for a position, they will first pick a specific volunteering event and then the app will show them the positions applicable to that event.

Each position should have a meaningful title, a short description, the number of positions required, and the number of hours of each position.

The monetary value is not publicly displayed, but it is meant for the organizer to convey what will cost them to hire someone with the specific skills for this position and help them with their future staff planning.  This is also valuable if the organizer is working with any business sponsors, higher monetary value positions will have higher value coupons, to attract and incentivize more volunteers. 

8. Once you are finished adding volunteer positions, tap on the Affinity tab, to specify the geographic affinity of your campaign.

The app will use your nonprofit’s primary city as the default for every new campaign, but you can change it to a different location if your nonprofit works across multiple cities/towns.

You can also specify if your campaign’s focus is local (i.e. city or town), state, or national. This determines how your campaign will appear in the list of campaigns for the app users.

By default, the app shows local campaigns at the top, then state, and then national. However, users also have the ability to use the filters to select the campaigns with their preferred focus. 

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9. Once you are fully satisfied with your campaign’s content, you can change its status to Upcoming. You will do that by tapping on its Draft status and then selecting Upcoming, which will make your campaign publicly available for the app users to preview (under the Upcoming tab). However, they wouldn’t be able to contribute yet. The purpose of the upcoming campaigns is to increase awareness and build enthusiasm in your community.

If you plan on seeking sponsorships from businesses in your community, this is the stage for that, sharing the link of your campaign with your business sponsors either via email/text (if they are not on the platform) or inviting them to sponsor, if they are already registered with the platform.

The app will automatically make your campaign active on the day/time you chose and then your community members can start contributing to it, either by donating (if you are raising funds) or by volunteering.

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10. Volunteering campaigns work in two steps, any app user can pledge for any volunteering event/position. 

11. The organizer will get an email/app notification upon the submission of the pledge, which they can review by going to the Volunteers tab and selecting and approving a given pledge. 

12. On the actual day of volunteering, the volunteer will arrive at the event and complete the work they pledged for and then use the app to mark the pledge as “Fulfilled”, the organizer will get a notification and they can then go and validate that the work was actually completed.

At this point, the app generates a contribution record for the volunteer that they volunteered for the specified number of hours. If there were any coupons involved, this is when the app will generate the coupon for the volunteer. 

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Common Validation Messages