Build enduring brand identity and touch the heart of your community

Giving back to your community builds a positive brand identity for your business, SacreServ simplifies this important work with less effort, a reasonable cost and a lasting impact.

When you sponsor giving campaigns by the nonprofits in your community with discount coupons, you not only get loyal customers, you also touch their hearts and become a part of their giving memories.


How does SacreServ help your business touch the heart of your community? Explore the powerful features of SacreServ to build your Social Impact Network and give back to your community.

With a FREE sponsor profile, amplify your brand and its message

SacreServ app amplifies your business profile and its message in your preferred geography, ranked by your social impact, which allows your business to expand your market reach and build a positive brand message. 

Showcase your offering and your Social Impact to win new customers

Tell your story creatively with words, pictures, and YouTube videos to distinguish your brand, highlight its social impact, and win new customers.

Get your brand discovered and your story known by anyone in your preferred geography. 

Get your business ranked high in the local listing by just sponsoring the campaigns your community cares about.

Outdo your peers by sponsoring more social impact campaigns and have a healthy competition with your peers. 

Power nonprofit campaigns and your sales with coupons

Our secure digital coupons provide a unique opportunity for you to sponsor fundraising or volunteering campaigns in your preferred geography.

You can make your brand known to those community members who give away their time and money for different social causes.

As the coupons are rewarded after a confirmed contribution to a charitable campaign, they hold more value and promise better prospects for your future sales.

To encourage larger contributions, we allow a contributor to redeem a coupon in multiple visits until the coupon’s entire value is redeemed. This powerful feature will bring these contributors to shop at your store multiple times, with an increased likelihood of becoming your repeat customers.  

Amplify Your Brand

A FREE sponsor profile for your business,  no subscription fees, and a low 10% commission for each award coupon.

A $200 credit, with profile activation, for up to $2000 in coupon-based net revenue.