Build a support network for your nonprofit in an easier and better way

As a nonprofit organization, you already have a lot on your plate with limited resources and the ever-growing needs of your community. You shouldn’t have to juggle between serving your community and building a support network to meet these growing needs.

That is where SacreServ steps in; with our innovative technology you can focus more on serving your community while we help you build and grow a support network, which we call The Social Impact Network.  With this network, you can reliably connect with donors, volunteers, employers, and business sponsors in your community like never before, all on a single platform.

How SacreServ offers a better way to serve your community? Explore the powerful features of SacreServ to build your Social Impact Network and serve your community.

FREE profile to showcase your nonprofit and spread its message

Register your nonprofit with SacreServ for FREE! That’s right, no sign up fee, no monthly fee, no credit card required.

Our app allows you to Create an engaging digital profile that can be easily shared and discovered in your preferred geography; a city, a state, or a country. 

Use photos and videos to tell your story and make it go viral

Tell your story with a brief introduction, pictures, and YouTube videos, narrating, and highlighting your mission and message.

Share your profile via social media, websites, blogs, text messages, email, within your community and beyond.


Run engaging digital campaigns to raise funds and seek volunteers

Easily manage campaigns,  sponsorships, and volunteers using the mobile app, sending automatic workflow notifications to the participants.

Organize fundraising campaigns with or without coupon-based sponsorships and multiply your contributions.

Organize volunteering campaigns for free.

Take the first step

Take the first step in building your Social Impact Network and serve your community better.

Get a $200 credit, with profile activation, and raise your first $4000 for FREE.