6 Ways for Nonprofits to Increase Community Engagement

Your donors and volunteers want to discover the important and impactful work you do in your community and are more likely to support and engage with your nonprofit, as per the survey we conducted in June 2018.

As mobile phones are increasingly the preferred mode for consuming and engaging with digital content, the survey audience also indicated that a mobile app could significantly increase their level of support and engagement with the nonprofits in their community.

SacreServ envisioned and built its platform features inspired by the results of this survey with the sole purpose of delivering better outcomes for the nonprofits while minimizing their effort and costs. 

Location-based discovery

When you register your nonprofit with SacreServ and set up your profile (for free), members of your target community can quickly discover you and your organization’s crucial social impact campaigns. 

Fundraising and Volunteering Campaign Management

Your supporters prefer easy discoverability and transparency; you can engage them with SacreServ’s fundraising and volunteering campaigns providing them with goals, reasons, and expected outcomes to provide better visibility. SacreServ app provides extensive campaign management ability for the busy organizers, as they can create and manage campaigns on the go. We’re are working on adding virtual as well as recurring volunteering features to the app in the coming few weeks.

You can run volunteering campaigns for FREE, as there is no platform fee, allowing you to try out different campaign features. 

Coupon-based Sponsorships

You can discover registered businesses in your community and request their coupon-based sponsorships for your upcoming campaigns, for increased participation from your donors and volunteers. The campaign management features have built-in workflows within the app to seek sponsorships, as well as, review and approve sponsorships for a campaign. 

Geographical Targeting

SacreServ campaign management offers geographic targeting through its “Affinity” feature, allowing you to create different campaigns for different geographies, providing you an effective way to tailor your message and goals for different audiences. 

Volunteer Management

SacreServ delivers an effortless and intuitive volunteer management ability for the organizers, providing them with powerful features to review and approve volunteers for a given campaign. The volunteers initially pledge for a specific volunteer position for a given campaign; the organizer can review their profile, communicate with the volunteer via phone/email (outside the app) and decide on approving that pledge.

Similarly, when the volunteer fulfills his/her commitment, they can let the organizer know about it using the app, and the organizer can validate the completion of the volunteering assignment. These features simplify volunteering management for the organizers while providing the volunteers with a more natural way to keep track of their volunteering hours for future reporting.

Frictionless Experience and Competitive Pricing

SacreServ is more than a fundraising platform; it gives you powerful features so that you don’t have to spend your time and money on a plethora of different tools and platforms to get the same results.

While designing our app, we obsessed with simplicity and ease of use for all of the app users, including nonprofits. Our business model associates our success with your organization’s success and its ability to deliver on its objectives.  

Our fee structure adds a thin margin on top of the payment processing costs we incur, processing the donations for your campaigns; this is necessary for our platform to sustain itself. We are working on supporting ACH transactions in the future, which should allow us to offer even lower fees, especially for ongoing sustaining donations from your donors, stay tuned for that.

Introductory Credits

$100 Signup Credit.

As we want you to be able to try the app and its full range of features free of cost, we will add $100 credit to your nonprofit’s account upon successful registration. This credit should allow you to run a fundraising campaign for up to $2000.

Additional $1000 Credit (Limited Time Offer)

Register your nonprofit with SacreServ by Jun 30, 2020. Your organization will get an additional $2 for every donor who signs up and makes their first donation(a minimum of $10) to any of its fundraising campaigns this year. The available maximum credit is $1000, which is sufficient to raise $20,000 in fundraising campaigns on our platform, absolutely free of charge.

Give It a Try

With all these powerful features and the introductory credits, you have more reasons to try out SacreServ app and see if it is the right fit.

  • Download the app for iOS/Android by tapping the relevant icons below.
  • Sign up as a user and then link and verify a US mobile number with your account.
  • You can then login and use the “Register an Organization” option from the menu to start the registration flow.


If you have any questions about any of the features, please feel free to contact us.