SacreServ offers a unique opportunity and value proposition to nonprofits, donors, volunteers and sponsors alike. Being a focused space for social impact work, free from the noise of a busy timeline or the distractions of ads, users on its platform are many times more likely to discover the impactful work by the nonprofits in their area, ensuring better outcomes for the nonprofits.

We conducted a user research in June 2018 of a random and diverse sample of 100+ adults from the 50 US states. Interestingly, over 90% of the audience indicated that they had supported a nonprofit in some way within the previous 2+ years. In the survey, almost half of the participants indicated that their support for nonprofits will increase if there was a simple and easy to use app, showcasing social impact campaigns. There was also a strong support for mobile payment as well as full transparency with regards to how their contributions are being utilized.

With its unique offering of coupon-based sponsorships from registered local business, SacreServ creates an added incentive for the donors/volunteers to support the social impact campaign. In the same user research, referenced above, about 2/3 of the respondents indicated that their support for social impact campaigns in their community will increase with a platform like SacreServ, where they can discover and support campaigns sponsored by coupons by local businesses.

These were the encouraging findings which motivated and inspired building of the SacreServ app and its underlying platform. The effort which involved multiple work streams and contributions from designers, mobile and backend engineers has been run on a shoe-string budget with a limited private investment along with thousands of hours in the labor of love.

In order to support marketing and business development efforts, operations, customer support as well as continue to build a number of collaborative features for the app users we are actively seeking investment and collaboration opportunities from other socially conscious organizations, foundations and endowments. Please write to us if you are interested in learning more about our vision, values and roadmap and the ways we can collaborate.