Increase your social impact at least 2X with a simple and engaging app powered by a highly scalable public cloud.

What is SacreServ?

Whether you are a nonprofit, donor, volunteer or sponsor, SacreServ empowers you to make and scale your social impact with its simple app and digital campaigns.

It puts the power and the scale of the public cloud and the simplicity of its mobile app at the service of your nonprofit and your community.

Nonprofits can run social impact campaigns for fundraising or volunteers.

Businesses can sponsor these campaigns through discount coupons.

Donors and volunteers can discover and support the campaigns and can get rewarded with the coupons of their favorite business establishments.

Fundraising Model

SacreServ’s fundraising model offers a clear advantage compared to conventional fundraising both in terms of engagement as well as outcomes for a given community as you can see in the illustrations below.

Increase Social Impact 2X

Community Building Features

In our market research and multiple conversations with different nonprofits, one of the hardest challenges they face after their inception is building a supportive community, as that is the only critical factor that determines these nonprofits’ ability to thrive and serve their communities. Grass-root outreach takes up most of the resources and efforts for many such nonprofits at an earlier stage of their existence, limiting their ability to deliver on the causes and projects they originally aim to deliver on.

SacreServ solves for these problems by a thoughtfully designed digital platform and its freely available iOS and Android apps making it almost effortless for the nonprofits, their sponsors, and supporters to join, discover each other and build supportive and thriving communities. With a fair fee-structure designed to optimize the cost and maximize the outcomes for the nonprofits and their business sponsors, this platform aims to serve as an incubator and an accelerator for the social entrepreneurs to organize and solve for the pressing challenges faced by their communities.

A Customer-Focused Business Model

We have carefully designed our business model to be focused on your success, even in terms of revenue we’re only successful if we bring value to your nonprofit (or your business, in case of a sponsor). We give utmost importance to the privacy of all of our platform users, nonprofits, donors, volunteers, and business sponsors. All the data we will be collecting to provide you with the various platform features will never be shared, traded or disclosed with any third party.

We will not run any advertisements on any of our digital properties to protect our platform users from unnecessary noise, distraction and the concern for being tracked. To learn more about how we generate revenue to support this platform, see our simple and fair pricing for nonprofits and business sponsors.

Nonprofit Registration

We only allow nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS to register and create campaigns on our platform, to guard against fraud or misrepresentation. As a result, we have established a process to periodically refresh the latest data from IRS’s Exempt Organizations Business Master File Extract. Any registered platform user, who wishes to register a nonprofit organization must first verify a US Mobile number, before the registration. During the registration, the registrant is also required to submit legal documentation to prove that they’re authorized to make decisions on behalf of this nonprofit.

For these registered nonprofits, we will mail the checks for the funds collected as part of various campaigns to the address they have registered with the IRS, to mitigate the risk of fraud or misrepresentation. To learn more, see the features for nonprofit organizations.

Business Sponsor Registration

For business sponsors, we have a registration process similar to nonprofits, except that we currently don’t have a data feed for all the registered businesses. We require that any registered platform user must associate and verify a US Mobile number before they can submit registration for a business sponsor. As part of the registration process, they’re expected to submit legal documentation to prove the legal status of their business and their authorization to make decisions on behalf of the business. To learn more, see the features for the business sponsors.


We love to answer your questions and help you to build and grow your community. Please send your inquiries/questions to us at