SacreServ for Communities

Give back to your community in an easier and better way 

You care about your community and support the nonprofit organizations that serve in your area. SacreServ gives you an easier way to discover and engage with these nonprofits and support their work through donations and volunteering. You can even have your employer match your contributions and earn coupons from local businesses.


How is SacreServ a better way to give back? Explore the powerful features of SacreServ to build your Social Impact Network and give back to your community.

Discover nonprofit fundraising campaigns for any location

Discover the fundraising or volunteering campaigns in your preferred geography.

Stay informed about your favorite campaigns, nonprofits, or business sponsors.

Spread the word about your favorite campaigns, nonprofits, or business sponsors with your social networks.

Discover nonprofits and sponsors for any location

Discover nonprofit organizations and registered business sponsors in any geography, and their social impact.

Donate, volunteer, favorite, and share the profile of your preferred nonprofits.

Get/redeem coupons, favorite, and share the profile of your preferred business sponsors, to increase their ranking. 

Support the campaigns and get rewarded with discount coupons

Make your contributions go further with the discount coupons, offered by local businesses. 

Give a win to your preferred nonprofits, and the business sponsors while getting a win for yourself. 

Access your past contributions and the reward coupons, anytime, anywhere. 

Save money with the reward coupons and support local businesses

Redeem the coupons from within the app, up to one year after the reward.

Redeem a coupon in multiple visits until you redeem its entire value.

Multiply Your Impact

When you sign up and invite others, you help grow the community and make the SacreServ app better for everyone.