Grow Customers and Increase Sales with Digital Cause Marketing

Grow your customers base and increase your salesAs a business owner, you already play a pivotal role in building, growing, and strengthening your community. SacreServ recognizes this role and provides your business with a practical and measurable way to build a positive brand image, get more customers and increase sales, all while supporting the nonprofits and their social impact campaigns in your community.  

Location-based discovery

When you register your business with SacreServ and set up your profile (for free), members of your target community can quickly discover you and all the social impact work you support. 

In the same manner, you can discover nonprofits and their social impact campaigns for fundraising or volunteer recruiting and choose to sponsor any upcoming campaigns.  

Sponsorship Management

As a registered business owner, you get access to several features to help you discover upcoming social impact campaigns, initiate the sponsorship at your own, or respond to a sponsorship request from a nonprofit. 

Coupon Offerings

As a business owner, you have full control over how these coupons are configured to optimize for the best results for the campaigns and the business. 

You can start small, learn how it is helping your community and your business, and decide to dial-up or dial down, at your discretion. 

Most importantly, every time a contributor selects a coupon for your business, after contributing to a campaign, it is an indication that they care deeply about the community where you operate your business. You will be fortunate to count them among your customers, and you will get to measure the exact impact such sponsorship can have on your community and your business. 

Secure and Tamper-Proof Digital Coupons

Our platform and app utilize best in the class technology implementation patterns to generate just-in-time digital coupons at the time of redemption. These coupons are highly secure and tamper-proof, giving you, the business owner, confidence and assurance that only legitimate customers will get to use these coupons. 

In-App Coupon Scanning

At present, coupon scanning works only from within the app, under the business owner’s account. We’re seeking opportunities to work with various leading Point of Sales (POS) solution providers, to be able to scan these coupons directly at the POS terminals, without the app. 

Multi-visit Coupons

To incentivize more substantial contributions, while providing peace of mind that if the contributors get a high-value coupon, they don’t have to use it all in a single visit to a business establishment, we implemented and perfected multiple-visit coupons. The contributors with multi-visit coupons can track each redemption within the app. 

While this critical feature benefits the nonprofits, incentivizing more significant contributions, it also offers many benefits to the businesses, as these coupons, as expected, will generate multiple visits resulting in more foot traffic to their establishment while building brand loyalty. 

Geographical Targeting

SacreServ offers a geographical targeting through its “Affinity” feature, allowing business sponsors to mark their geographic footprint, which can be a town/city, state, or national level, at present. We’re considering other advanced targeting features in the future. Setting the Affinity of the business makes it discoverable within the selected geographical area. 

This discovery is useful not only for donors, volunteers, and general app users but also for nonprofits as they can discover which businesses to seek sponsorship from based on the geographical targeting/relevance for their campaigns.

Social and Business Impact Dashboard

The app provides a social impact dashboard for the business owners to see in real-time their participation in SacreServ and its impact both on their communities and businesses. 

Frictionless Experience and Highly Competitive Pricing

 While designing our app, we obsessed with simplicity and ease of use for all of the app users, including business sponsors. Even while developing our business model, we’ve made sure to align our success with your success and the success of all the social impact work you sponsor and support. 

As a result, when you offer any discount coupons for your product or service through our platform, you and your customers get the most out of these coupons, and we only charge a small fraction of the competition. 

Give It a Try

If a picture is worth a thousand words, trying out an app is worth much more than that. You can download the app for iOS/Android and sign up as a user. You can then login and use the “Register a sponsor” option from the menu to start the registration flow.


If you have any questions about any of the features, please feel free to contact us. You can also request a demo using the button on the bottom right of this screen.