In my previous post, I touched on stages and challenges of a fundraising campaign, from that discussion we can safely conclude that effectiveness of a nonprofit depends on the quality and level of collaboration with its partners in the community, which typically comprise of businesses as well as individual donors and volunteers.

This collaboration is not limited to fundraising alone; it should span beyond such campaigns and should be something ongoing, resulting in a closer relationship with the community and an active feedback loop which can help the nonprofit precisely target its focus and resources.

A platform providing such collaboration can not only transform the way nonprofits function but can also allow communities to organize around important causes and objectives as represented in the picture below.

This approach offers a significant shift from a traditional vendor specific campaigns where a small portion of sales proceeds contributes towards a given charitable cause. This approach allows multiple vendors to pledge support for a campaign working closely with the nonprofit by offering discount coupons for their products and services as an incentive to the donors and volunteers of the campaign.

As a nonprofit, you can offer a variety of discount coupons of products and services to your supporters as incentives to participate in your fundraising campaign.

As a supporter of a fundraising campaign you’re not bound to buy just that box of donuts or cookies, you can support the campaign by donating directly to the nonprofit today and get a discounted coupon of a product or service of your choice and will get to use it at your leisure.

As a business you are participating actively in causes your community and your customers care about, you’re not only establishing goodwill but also getting exposure to new customers resulting in increased sales.

It will be even more powerful if all these capabilities are ubiquitous and available to you wherever you’re. I think the possibilities are limitless and this is why I am excited about building this platform to transform fundraising.