Donors and volunteers (self-identified) from across the United States were surveyed, comprising a sample population of randomly selected adults (18-60 years old) in Jun 2018, to validate key assumptions behind various features of SacreServ platform. A significant proportion of the population validated these assumptions adding to the enthusiasm and momentum and prioritizing the roadmap for this platform.

Here’re some of the findings :

Donors and Volunteers Response
Audience of the Survey

Donors and Volunteers, Nonprofits and Social Impact

It didn’t come as a surprise, there’s strong support for nonprofits across the population; over 90% of the audience reported to have supported a nonprofit in the last 2+ years and more than a half had supported one or more nonprofits in the previous three months.

Impact of Thoughtfully Designed Digital Platforms and Incentives

Almost half (48%) of the audience indicated that their support and engagement with the nonprofits in their community will increase if there were an app which showcased their work. However, when the prospect of discount coupon incentives was introduced 64% indicated that their support and engagement will increase with their local nonprofits.

Impact of Mobile Apps and Incentives on Nonprofit Support

Discounts at Restaurants and common service providers are popular

For a sizable part of the audience, no discount coupons or incentives are needed to win their support of their favorite nonprofits, which is understandable. However, among those who would like some incentives, restaurants/food joints and common service providers were the most popular places.

Ease, Broader Reach, Transparency, and Business Partnerships

When the audiences were asked about the features they would look for in a community building and fundraising platform, their top three concerns were ease of use, broader reach (Mobile/Tablet/Web Apps), transparency followed by partnerships with local businesses, lower platform fees and a host of other features.

Features desired in an effective Fundraising Platforms

Educational, Social Welfare, Healthcare, Emergency/Disaster Recovery will benefit the most

The audience also confirmed our understanding that a digital platform like SacreServ is more suitable for nonprofits in Educational, Social Welfare, Healthcare and Emergency/Disaster Recovery sectors, followed by Civil Rights, Religious/Spiritual, Social Reform, Scientific/Research and Cultural/Ethnic organizations.

Suitable Nonprofits for a platform like SacreServ