What is SacreServ?

Whether you work for a nonprofit organization or support one, you’ll agree that building and organizing a nonprofit community is one of the key challenges your organization encounters. It takes a sizable amount of time, effort, and resources to continue to engage your community to raise funds needed for the cause you champion and the purpose your organization serves. SacreServ aims to solve for these challenges by augmenting the reality of your day to day operations with the thoughtfully designed platform and features to help you free up your time, efforts and resources to serve your primary cause.

The name SacreServ was derived from the primary purpose of this platform “Sacrifice, Reward, Serve”, a virtuous cycle of selfless altruism and symbiotic collaboration among nonprofits, donors, volunteers, and business sponsors within and across communities in any part of the world.

Every act of kindness, whether it takes the form of a donation or volunteer work is, in fact, a seed, which germinates and grows into a tree with numerous branches and in turn yields an abundance of fruits and seeds, creating a continuum with an ever-growing impact. This platform envisions to be that seed of goodness with the sole mission of “Cultivating Goodness”.

The Hypotheses

A nonprofit organization likes to increase the number of its donors as well as increase donations from existing donors with least amount of effort and resources.

A business marketer likes to bring in new customers with higher purchasing power,  continue winning the loyalty of existing customers and wants its name associated with causes a community cares about.

An altruistic and socially engaged individual likes to see his/her dollar going farther both in terms of contributions as well as personal spending.

By inverting the retail fundraising paradigm from consumption to contribution, we can make contributing to one’s community the primary action instead of an after-thought, which can provide a new framework for nonprofits and their supporters to organize at scale and make a difference.

A thoughtfully designed platform with easy to use features and no barriers to adoption can help prove and improve these hypotheses and has the potential to transform the way nonprofits operate in their communities.

What about existing fundraising platforms?

There are over a dozen fundraising platforms for nonprofits and they do a fine job of fundraising and they just stop at that. Existing fundraising platforms lack the necessary functionality to engage all three stakeholders in a meaningful community-based fundraising campaign.

We have conducted usability tests and surveys across the US to validate and build a best in class user experience and a world-class digital platform which will provide clear value for the nonprofits.

How SacreServ works?

SacreServ will offer multiple ways to engage various stakeholders:



Business Sponsors

Join our invitation-only pilot

After years of market and industry research and validations, we are building the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which is slated to be released to a pilot audience in the second quarter of 2019.  If you want to be part of this invitation-only pilot audience of nonprofits, donors, volunteers, and business sponsors please get in touch.